It's been dealt folks, the 100th billion hand that just saw PokerStars come to the end of a very successful 'Road To 100 Billion' promotion, what a milestone!

PokerStars made poker history today by dealing the site’s 100-billionth hand, and rewarded players by giving away $1 million to nearly 10,000 players in just ten minutes. It brings the total prize money awarded to players so far in the 100 Billion Hands Celebration to just over $2 million, with a further $3 million to come in other game promotions (see below) throughout June.

The 100-billionth hand took place at 15:35 ET on Thursday, June 13 on a $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max table, with more than 400,000 players on PokerStars at the time. The winner of the hand was ‘microulis69’ from Greece who received $103,800, which is the largest amount ever awarded to one player in a milestone hand promotion. A further $65,460 was shared among the players at the table, while 9,471 more players split another $830,790.34 in cash rewards for playing at the same type of game and stakes when the 100-billionth hand was dealt.

Did you know that 3 of the players at the table are PokerSchoolOnline members? That's right, all the team here say well done to MoodyMiss, GiassGagguas and doc836. When asked that she thought of the experience MoodyMiss said 'I felt extremely unwell yesterday and dragged myself out of bed to play. I struggled to hold on until the 100 billionth hand, managed to type a quick 'Woooo' at the table, and once I was all-in, actually went to lie down as I felt close to collapse by that point. I had no idea how much I had won until I asked another PSO member via Skype an hour or so later - I was still in bed at that point. I didn't get to see the hand play out until I watched a video on YouTube late last night, and later congratulated the other winners via a PokerStars Blog Tweet'.

To read how the action went down, including the final hand and individual player payouts, check out the PokerStars Blog live report.

100 Billion – It’s a very big number.

To put the number 100 billion in context, here are a few real world comparisons:

·         100 billion cards laid end to end would wrap around the circumference of the earth 220 times

·         It’s enough hands for every living person on earth to play 14 hands each

·         It would take a person more than 5,000 years to count to 100 billion

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World Record Tournament

The 100 Billion Hands Celebration, however, is far from over, with two more weeks of promotions, including a $1 buy-in World Record Tournament on June 16 at 13:00 ET that features a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool and at least $25,000 for first place. There is no late registration for the tournament, so players should register early to avoid missing out on being part of a world record attempt.

Did you know that PokerSchoolOnline are awarding all their members with a FREE TICKET to this tournament to say thanks for being a member with us?

The celebrations on PokerStars continue throughout the rest of the month, with the following events and more than $2.5 million to be given away:

·         Golden Sit & Go’s (June 17-23)

·         Zoom 100 (June 23)

·         Zoom and BOOM! (June 24-30)

·         Ultimate Freeroll (June 30)

Go to for full details of the 100 Billion Hands Celebration.

Congratulations PokerStars on reaching this amazing milestone and also a huge congratulations to 'microulis69' on his win and to everyone who won some money on the 'Road To 100 Billion'.