PokerSchoolOnline are pleased to present our newest promotion, the PSO ‘12 Days of Poker’ series of tournaments.

These games will bring some festive cheer and community spirit to the home game club this holiday season as members enjoy competing against each other in these tournaments with a twist.

There will be three games each day, both cash and play money, from Dec 12th to Dec 23rd.
All of the games will be played in the PSO Community Home Game Club and will start at 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 ET.

The schedule of events will include both real and play money games so all of our members here at the school will get a chance to participate.

Both the play money and cash games will have a leaderboard that will be posted in the News forum that will use the following point system.

First place – 100 points
Second place – 70 points
Third place – 60 points
Fourth place – 50 points
Fifth place – 45 points
Sixth place – 40 points
Seventh place – 35 points
Eighth place – 30 points
Ninth place – 25 points
The top 1/3 of the remaining ITM players – 20 points
The next 1/3 of the remaining ITM players – 15 points
The last 1/3 of the remaining ITM players – 10 points

There will be prizes for the cash game overall leaderboard.

Places 1-3 will receive an $11 ticket
Places 4-6 will receive a $5.50 ticket
Places 7-12 will receive a $1.10 ticket

Here is a link to the full Schedule and also to the Leaderboards.

Have fun folks and from all of the team here at PokerSchoolOnline we wish you a very Happy Holiday.