MicroMillions 3 is just around the corner and in this week’s ‘New Videos’ we take a look back at some of the action from last time with Dave ‘TheLangolier’ in  his review of event 4.

Another of the PokerSchoolOnline trainers ‘GarethC23’ shares his thought process with us as he plays in a World Championship of Online Poker event plus there’s a 180-Man MTT review by Chris ‘ChewMe1’.

One really interesting session that happened recently was a Question and Answers session with ‘GarethC23’. Originally he had planned to run a 6-Max ZOOM session but there was some techy difficulties that night. Instead he decided to hang about for an hour and answer any off-the-cuff poker questions that member threw at it and it turned out to be a really interesting and entertaining session.

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Here’s the videos ……

Session Videos                                                                                                                                   

Ville Wahlbeck - 8-Game Session

Training Videos                                                                                                                                 

Storming Satellites with Andy 'ahar010'

HUD Tutorial for MTT's with Chris 'ChewMe1’
Questions and Answers with 'GarethC23'
MicroZOOMing with 'GarethC23'
180-Man Mission with Chris 'ChewMe1'
MicroMillions Event 4 with Dave 'TheLangolier' Part 1
MicroMillions Event 4 with Dave 'TheLangolier' Part  2
WCOOP Event 2 with 'GarethC3' Part 1
WCOOP Event 2 with 'GarethC3' Part 2
WCOOP Event 2 with 'GarethC3' Part 3
WCOOP Event 2 with 'GarethC3' Part  4

Hand of the Day Videos

Flushdraw with André 'HoRRoR77’

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LryV3Lro_Z4"]

Keep an eye on the Forum for more details to be announced very soon on the 'Million Club'