If ZOOM poker is your thing then there's two great videos waiting for you in the PokerSchoolOnline library.

'Adventures In ZOOM' is brought to you by our newest live trainer 'GarethC23' who offers his insight and tips on how to beat the 5NL tables in this fast-paced poker format

There's also some great multi-table tournament videos with a special 3-part series on DeepStack tourneys by 'TheLangolier', some tips on playing Satellites by 'ahar010' and some Hand of the Day videos by 'xflixx' on playing a bluff plus much more for you to check out this week.

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Til' next week!


Session Videos                                                                 

Johnny Lodden - PLO $5/$10 6-Max Part 2

Training Videos                                                              

DeepStack MTT Part 1 Early Stages with Dave 'TheLangolier'
Small Stakes MTT Grinding with Chris 'ChewMe1'
DeepStack MTT Part 2 Middle Stages with Dave 'TheLangolier
Grinding Up: 10NL 6-Max with Felix 'xflixx'
DeepStack MTT Part 3 Late Stages with Dave 'TheLangolier'
Beating The Micros with Tyler 'frosty012' Frost
Playing Quarters Part 2 with Andy 'ahar010'
Satellite City with Andy 'ahar010'
Adventures In 5NL ZOOM Part 1 with 'GarethC23'
Adventures In 5NL ZOOM Part 2 with 'GarethC23'

Hand of the Day Videos

Introducing a Bluff Part 3 with Felix 'xflixx'  
Introducing a Bluff Part 4 with Felix 'xflixx'
Introducing a Bluff Part 5 with Felix 'xflixx'


Blind Structures