I'm not a huge PLO player but I really enjoyed the Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip session that took place a few weeks ago on PokerSchoolOnline.

It was expected that Dale would come on as a guest for about 30 minutes or so but this turned out to be a mammoth interview lasting about four hours. This was mainly due to the fact that Dale is such an easy going guy and really entertaining to listen to, but the fact that he ran deep in the Sunday tournament helped too.

If you missed it on the day then the good news is that every minute was recorded and brought to you this week in a four-part episode. Enjoy!

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Session Videos

Johnny Lodden - PLO $5/$10 6-Max Part 1
Ville Wahlbeck - High Stakes SnG's Part 2

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Sunday Special with Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip Part 1
The Easy Way of Beating Everyone with André 'HoRRoR77'
Sunday Special with Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip Part 2
Half Dollar Turbos with Andy 'ahar012
Sunday Special with Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip Part 3
27 Man Action Select Hands with Dave 'TheLangolier' Part 1
Database Doctor with Felix 'xflixx' feat. 'Tunks2
Sunday Special with Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip Part 4
27 Man Action Heads Up Endgame with Dave 'TheLangolier'

Hand of the Day Videos                                                                                                                 

Sets Part 5 with Felix 'xflixx'
Inducing a Bluff Part 1 with Felix 'xflixx'

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Til' Next Week!