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WizardOfAhhs -

Kevin Thurman had become disillusioned with his situation in life by 2005. He’d been working a corporate job as a Program Manager since graduating from university in 2001 with a degree in Economics, but it wasn’t what he wanted anymore. He needed a new challenge, and something that would give him the freedom to live the kind of lifestyle he was after. Although he’d been playing poker for years, it was nothing more than a hobby. But now it suddenly seemed like something he could maybe do full time. To hear more from Kevin himself join our Sunday Special live training at 15:00 ET this Sunday.

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Frosty012 –

Tyler Frost graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2009 with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics. He also worked a series of jobs during his studies, including construction and landscaping. His introduction to poker is a familiar one: he found the game via friends at college, caught the bug, got good and hasn’t looked back since. In this session Tyler continues with Part 2 of his Building a Bankroll series this Sunday at 14:00 ET.

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