Just a quick blog letting you all know about the new 'Personal Scheduler' feature and how it works.

Now you can add upcoming Live Training sessions and Skill League games to your personal scheduler and use this as a handy way of reminding you about the sessions you wish to attend.

1. Go to the Live Training page and select a session you would like to attend by 'Adding' it to your scheduler. (No. 1 in photo)

2. This will now be visible at the top of the Home Page and also in your Personal Schedule bar throughout PSO (No. 2 in photo)

3. If you've selected a lot of events you can view them by selecting 'Full Schedule' (No.3 & 4 in photo)

4. If you hover your mouse over an event in the 'Full Schedule' view a pop-up will appear giving you somewhere to make a personal note about the session, maybe a reminder to ask the trainer a certain question for example. (No. 5 in photo)

It's a really neat feature and it will make remebering those sessions much easier. Remember that PokerchoolOnline uses Eastern Standard Time.

If you've any questions about this new feature comment on them here or use the Discussion Thread in the Forum.