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Here's a list of all the videos that were published this week, and there's some really great ones!

I've always learned a lot from the short 'Hand of the Day' videos. There's a new one added to the home page every day.

This week's teaser from the PokerSchoolOnline You-Tube Channel is from a heads-up Live Training session where you can hear not only the Trainer but also the Student. I think it's nicely done and interesting to hear discussion from both sides.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see more of this kind of Member Review training taking place at PokerSchoolOnline? Leave a comment with what you think!

There's also a video where PokerSchoolOnlline Live Trainer 'TheLangolier' chats about his experience of playing the biggest live tournament event of them all, the WSOP Main Event, that's well worth a watch too. In fact they all are, some really great learning material!



Session Videos

1. Matthias De Meulder - NL100 6-Max Deepstack Session Part 2  

2. Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip - PLO Basics 'The Flop' Part 1


Training Videos

1. Half Dollar Turbos Part 4 with Andy 'ahar010'

2. MicroMillions II Satellites with Andy 'ahar010'

3. MicroMillions Event 4 Part 1 with Chris 'ChewMe1'      

4. MicroMillions Event 4 Part 2 with Chris 'ChewMe1'      

5. 'TheLangolier' Member Review - $8.80 MTT feat. 'Sjekkkk'

6. 'TheLangolier' Member Review - $8.80 MTT feat.'Sjekkkk' Part 2

7. $1 45's with Chris 'ChewMe1'

8. Playing Quarters Part 1 with Andy 'ahar010'  

9. WSOP Main Event Review with Dave 'TheLangolier'   

10. 180 Turbos with Chris 'ChewMe1' 

11. Dime MTT's with Chris 'ChewMe1'


Hand of the Day Videos

1. Bluffing With 22 with André 'HoRRoR77'

2. Getting Check-raised with André 'HoRRoR77'

3. Pocket Pairs with André 'HoRRoR77'

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5fCb6x9M5I&feature=plcp"]

Don't forget that if you want to leave a comment on any of the videos you can do so in the Discussion Thread

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