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Here's my second blog in the 'New Videos' series of blogs. There's some good ones for you to watch this week with a good selection of different game types and limits in the mix for you to enjoy. 

I particularly liked the Pot Limit Omaha Basics video by PokerStars Team Online Pro Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip. In the video he focuses on preflop decisions and as a result of wacthing it I might explore the PLO game a bit more, it looks like a fun and challenging variant.

I've also included one of the teasers from the PokerSchoolOnline You-Tube Channel, this week by Tyler Frost, check it out! 

Have fun and enjoy the videos!


Session Videos

1. Matthias De Meulder - NL100 6-Max Deepstack Session

2. Dale 'Daleroxxu' Phillip - Pot Limit Omaha Basics Preflop

Live Training Videos

1. MTT Win Part 3 with Chris 'ChewMe1'

2. Coaching 'pangolix' with André 'HoRRoR77'

3. Crush on ZOOM Part 4 with Felix 'xflixx'

4. Dollar Turbos with Andy 'ahar010'

5. $15 Heads Up SnG Acton with André 'HoRRoR77'

6. But It's Sooted! Part 2 with Andy 'ahar010'

7. The Easy Way Of Beating Everyone with Andre 'HoRRoR77'

8. Crush on ZOOM Part 5 with Felix 'xflixx'

9. I Had A Pair! Part 5 with Dave 'TheLangolier'

10. A Bit Of Everything Part 2 with Chris 'ChewMe1'

11. Pot Limit Omaha MTT with Dave 'TheLangolier'

Hand of the Day Videos

1. Playing Out Of Position with Andre 'HoRRoR77'

Don't forget that you can leave a comment about any of these videos in the Discussion Thread in the Forum.

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j6XwEgLUpk&feature=plcp"]

Til' next week!