Hey Everybody,

This will be my first real blog post since the 'New Look' PokerSchoolOnline website was launched. My verdict: I like it!

I've been following very closely the 'New Look' thread in the Forum and yes, there were a lot of bugs and glitches encountered. However, only 5 days in (only 3 of them working days) the majority of glitches have been ironed out. 

Of course there are still more to be resolved and this might take a couple of weeks but I know first hand that there is a great team of people working very hard on this project. Credit must go to the moderator team who are there in the Forum 24/7 to help the members with their queries.

Going forward I would encourage all members to keep posting their feedback and opinions in the Forum as this will greatly help PokerStars improve this site to the standard you would expect. In case you missed it PokerStars are conducting a survey on PokerSchoolOnline. Here is the link and I'd encourage everyone reading this blog to take the survey, it will be a great help.


I've been through the new site design with a fine tooth-comb now and I'm really enjoying it. I particualry like the way the new blogs are presented, it's now part of the Community page where it should be. Blogs are a great way for people to communicate their thoughts with other members, more so than forum posts that can get lost in all the traffic.

In closing I would ask my fellow members to be patient with any glitches they encounter. In a short space of time these will be fixed. Already the 'old site' is becoming a faded distant memory.

Thanks for Reading!

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