Update - 29/2/12

The shield awaits the inscription of either Grade b or JWK24, two great PSO members who have battled their way to the final to be played out this weekend.

Keep an eye on the thread 'The Alan Jones Sheild' in the Home Game section of the forum for details of when the final will be played out and good luck to both finalists.


Sport has always been a passion of mine. Whether it's Motorsport, Horse Racing, Football or other I'm there! I rank poker up there with one of the great 'Mind Sports' where mental focus and agility is key to success.

Success in Sport brings fortune and fame to the elite, but to the ordinary everyday Clubman, winning a trophy means everything. I'm delighted to introduce to the world of poker the 'Alan Jones Memorial Shield'.


Alan was born on the 21st November 2002 and passed away the same day. He was my first boy. At the time I was a huge fan of Motorsport and I still am. I always said that I would call my first boy Alan, after Alan Jones the racing driver. The only Jones to win the Formula One World Championship. So you see, to me, my boys a champion, my No. 1!


The Tournament was open to all the members of pokerschoolonline.com It's in the format of a knock-out championship and 24 entered for the event. The prize on offer is to have your name inscribed on the inaugural Shield in memory of Alan, nothing more, nothing less.


The owner of my local poker club will kindly allow me to put the Shield on display in the club's trophy cabinet. A big thank you to all who took part, it's very much appreciated.