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I've been a member and big fan of Poker School Online since July of this year. During this time I've met a lot of very cool people from all over the world who are very keen on improving there game of poker.


Born from this was the idea to set-up a home game on Pokerstars for members to come in and play in a friendly atmosphere and also share some insights into how the hands were played out. 'The Royal Raiser' club was set-up in the beginning of November.


We kicked off with setting up a six-week league called 'Teamspeak Training League'.


There's only two rules in the league:


1. Hands can only be discussed after they have been played out.

2. Players must be courteous to each other at all times.


With the great bunch of guys that's being tagging along so far I've no concerns that either of these rules  stand a chance of being broken.


It's a play money league for two reasons.It eliminates the can of worms that could arise where people who are not in the know might cry collusion to the idea that a bunch of guys and gals are sitting around a table talking about their hands. It's a learning excersise.


The second and altogether more important reason is that it allows our friends in America to come in, take part and enjoy the banter.


If any of you guys would like to find out more about participating in the league send me a private message at My username there is royalraise85


League games are played out every Sunday night at 9pm (GMT) 4pm (EST)



Weekly Winners 


Round 1 - AckNotAgain

Round 2 - Adsthepro777

Round 3 -

Round 4 -

Round 5 -

Round 6 -


League Standings