Hey Guys,

Welcome to my blog! I'm not going to start by the usual boring introductions you might see such as Age, Martial status and how many cups of tea I drink etc.... instead I'm going to comment on a you tube video I watched today of Phil Hellmuth, aka 'The Poker Brat'. Now this guy is funny...... watch the video...... My first reaction was that this guy was such an idiot but then again thats just what Phil thinks of all these guys in the video. In retrospect Hellmuth is a genius and his 12 WSOP braclets are a testament to this. If we delve a little deeper into his backround we find that no one works harder than Phil to promote the game on the world stage.

So why the blow ups you might ask? Well in my opinion Hellmuth has a mindset that rivals any athelte or player at the top of their game. Second place is just not good enough. Work rate, study the game, bring the 'A' game to the table each and every time you sit down. That's Hellmuths style. As we know poker is a game of varience and bad beats do happen. Most of us just accept defeat and thats the difference..... 

I guess 'The Poker Brat' can't accept defeat and that everytime he gets busted it just makes him more determined to come back next time and kick ass. Either that, or he's just an idiot.

Speaking of idiots, any beginner that does'nt check out Pokerstars 'Pokerschool' can be put in this category. What a wonderful learning tool, dismiss it at your peril. Till next time.