Well, learnt my lesson I thought if I played in the micro games i would get more reading off the cards, I would learn the moves to play,and most of all I would improve my skills. Well it wasn't true it seem that I would have more luck at the slot and I was right I would learn how to play better poker pulling the handal on a slot machine.

Two years ago I sat in the ten cent game and I had the red stars come and play so poker get this in a ten cent game wow, we really had some serious games going in there, but it been a long time since I have seen someone with tanlent. I just never had money to play on their table but they had a real good respect to come down to the table I was playing,So go ahead tell me I am no good I dont care,because I just have to say i earnt the respect of the players once,and the micro players destoryed that whom want to play with play that just dont take the game serious, so now it time for me when i have money to put on here i going to there tables for a game of poker. know i know why they don't play in the micro bucause if i get good , i dought it you never know you won't see me anymore at those table it not poker there. I like the lucky 7 slot machines better have fun all.