Well I'am out of words It not you it me,I hope you guys do well. I played some pretty sweet hand's with all the tricks the hands that got burnt where the hands thats if your in you make the call no doubt about it, it an instant call howevery I not good at jamming the pot on a bluff. 


Anyway maybe I might put another twenty-five on here some day, oh probably but your right I will watch what I say thank for that valuable lesson. and I not sure if any trainning can teach me to prepare for the amount of bad beats I have been taken. ya, please tell 1\2 cent table and ten cent toureys of course your going to get bad. most cards I have shown I had the lead and add 15calls tonight to a 5bb bet having ace king and lost everytime in bad ways I just started to throw them away and a few more real curl bad beat oh well,

I guess the time on my twenty-five dollars has run out, I always thought even if I one big I alway come back to play with the players on the micro table now I'am affaid if i do it will change my playing.

So the next time I put money on here micro playing out for me.