this one for Cutu the other day i was in 1\2 cent table I was have a blast but,something bug me I had a chance to teach a lesson and I didn't man it was only forty cent, and I felt bad after cause I preach it,I turn around and throw away my chance to show some one a few things. so I hoping that a by chance he stumble apon this.

It started at a table of ten and I was playing fishy limp limp limp limp me mid raise,lol call call call,hahaha you didn't have to have a good hand and if you did well you got paid for it and all the limper well they didn't care it was a fun table all around, Well did i not make a boo boo I got into a hand I got the pot hight enough and some one pushed a all in call I knew he had me beat but the tempation got the best of if I hit ya he be pissed but I missed it cost me two dollars I had a hard lesson to swallow ,but back in I went couple hand and he was go I knew then my chips were gone.

Then a couple more hand I took a loss in and a few new player,and THEN along comes Cutu or it was spelled something like that hey buddy well it was a hoot. Lets see if I can explain this right three to five player were in the hand at most times you had no idea what they were playing at least not until the flop was out then you tryed to identify what they had,did some one stumble accross a good flucky hand well it was simple if it cost too much bail cause one pair just didn't cut it,and then here it came a play who was watch many hands limped in well cutu was all over that I new he wasn't watching, he came out over the top 5x bet well now fold fold fold and even patition one folded so i told tiger there slow down, he was about to walk into a wopper and I knew it. He smiply was jut not paying attention. a few more hand and all of a sudden I come into a wopper strarting hand get the most chips before the flop cudu limps a few more limp well I make a move I just told the hole I had top hand my bets of 4,6, were no longer ten cent my first large bet the whole night well boom ever body couldn't get out of quick enought they knew,and there was cucu call. I thought ok I will let you donk me off lol well the had nothing I knew only two hand could beat or unless he hit his trips it did matter I was way over stack any bet instant call,every body know that I just knew I had him beat.well did he not push all in so he might of thought I was slow rolling I wasn't I was deciding to give up the winning had I am still himing and hawing over it. I did call he pp tens I had pp queen. Had I fold I could taught a few things,but the sad part of it all was I need the chips i was low and I again made a bad choise I could have gained my chip back through some hard grinding and I knew it.Well it was a liitle lesson for Cuto and a Big lesson for me Srry Cuto I should have taught you a few thing especally at the penny table that why we go there good fun a valuable lessons. for this I well remeber that table come back and again please   ok                                          good luck  all and remeber my lesson it not alway about the money.