ok I think I know what going on here I don't know who to stop and I know most don't even they just think the sight set up and IT NOT I am getting caught between a grind the grind is not comming at the bubble in the ten cent game it starts right at the beginning so instead of playing against hands played in proper positions i had to make supid calls and it took me awhile to figure out.

More and more calling out of position and using luck than skill and hitting when i sat and played proper by the time i got a hand the blinds were one third to half my stack that if the proper hands didn't take a beating so pp aces were being called by six player or more with nothing and the odds of winning became higher  lower and if you won now the fight to get to the finnal table that was just almost impossiable and I was so use to making it to the finnal table at least every two to five dollars i spent I have only made it there three time in almost 150 to 175 this includes money won at thoses finnal table I finding it hard to keep the spirt alive.

Taking all aspects into concideration I dont have any technology to get reading can't afford it so I try to use logic, if you are getting tables where everyone is calling with cards no matter the flop how do u beat it luck there has to be another way if i had two computer and three hundred friends I know who was going to be at the finnal table everytime because i could make it happen and with todays technolgoy not hard to arrange JUST saying I think of all the possiablities i could be up agianst now I just tring to decide if it possiable to beat,because I just told you way's to beat the system but then poker would no longer be really a game but a past time anyway I still thinking so taken way more beats then what luck has put on me beat that poker players normally do get sick one ,when a huge bet getting called with two three's , and many hands that huge bet maen you have a good hand and everybody seem to have the cards to beat it that means now the game is about luck not hand selection or position.  yeh,got some more thinking to do cause the game of poker i know well I have better luck at slot machine and that has no skill so it is called gambling not a game poker is suppost to be a game of intelligence skill not a slot machine the calls that are being made are wrecking the true game of poker But i got to remeber i am in the ten cent games also just thinking out loud ok gl at the tables.