well there is not too much to blog about cause now I got start putting in positive things I have start to work on my stance the cards have been coming out funny so if i play position i will be blind out and the only hands i have seen winning are the hands being play that aren't starting are out of position hands this means i have to learn how to play them. cause I have been pretty much blinded out in my last five dollars of play, I am not sure yet to change my playing but i know when I have middle pair you are not going to bluff someone whom has hit the board with high pair and I know everybody has been getting the same shitty cards so the minute they hit they are ready to go all in on an eight high this one a hard one to figure out then I will be able to buy my stance hahaha

ok lets be serious let intorduce old school I call it this because the people whom have play a long time will play this the belief is if u play runner or ace's why would u not play king two or cards like that you have open up to the draw another way it said if u play say two, three u only hit your one of your cards it an easy fold you don't get caught up in your cards it easier to tell you then write but it is a style that out there,and people beleive in that system some one like Doyal can't spell his name he is know for his playing of Ten-Two cards anyway got to go wish I could put something good in here but, I'am stuck in a level and i got to beat it to get to the next and thats when I going to start making money it's the hards level I have run into so far but I hoping the cards don't change until i beat it or I will never make it to the money making level but when I beat I will tell you how i have done it so you can do it too, you just have to remeber once alot of people learn this poker will be tougher to play, this is hard part for me cause I can reading most i would say 75% of the time I right on my reading and there is room it to also meaning there are alot more people that can do it better than me,and those whom played with me well you seen me well let just say I think I am one of the best at biulding really hight pots I just have to start winning them when i build them that cause I am building them at the wrong time and losing them and 95% of the time I was out rivered and sometime they took me at the turn but most time I have had the winning cards before i built the pot ok got go.