My ways are dififferent,my wordings are off . I'am misunderstood  the hardest part is know that.

I know what it's like to achive metals been there many time,I know what it like to set records done that,I do beleive it still there.I know what it like to see a winner circle and have earnd honored awards to witch I got rid of in 2010 they are memories now,and i have my reason why.

Now I want to win new metals maybe new honor's but this time it's a differnt battle feild and a totally different mind setting,I paid over 25,000 dallars to become a worrior whom did not beleive in guns but peice at the end of my 20 years of trainning I come with what i beleive to be a healing power or a knolege of the healing power trust me i know from cracked ribs to pull legimint to bumps and bruse cuts,and face mat burns when you got it all the time you quickly learn what makes them feel better,after being strip of everything I change my game and this game is different it is a totally different now that i think it If i would learnt this game instead of my other training I would have been better off out of all I have earnt not to person resecpted for what I have accomplished instead they derated me for it. Poker it is different please correct if i am wrong all those whom have won title in Poker did they get injured have they told by everybody that they don't know how to play poker and most of all well I will stop there. I do beleive in the path I took it taught the phyiscal side and honor side of life a side that could not help me for I had to obey honor,so I battle with the thought of why I took that path for it only hammer me.It has taught me wisdom, honor,and courgage.Not one fighter has come and help me back on my feet not one fighter cares that I have fallen after I deicated my mind body and soul,after all I did give up body for people to train on and now I am forgotton not one offered me a job so i could live.

Now this is why I want to learn a true sport of poker and I can tell you how poker has the same values and then some of any worrior sport I have done and I have done them all,and then we can figure out why there is no Poker gym in our city,because I can tell you battles on the poker table that will impove my life way more better then I could battles in the ring.The battles in ring let me difinding my honor where as the battles on the table let share my honor which one do you think i like the best.