Right now I so angery from this sight I now throwing away winnig hands cause I don't want another bad beat like pp k preflop I taken so many that now I not playing right,now what do i do! but I unlike most people am a man of my word,

I know what I'am talking about,because I"am man whom sits at home alone the way I have been treated and our ecodimey has left me in a state of depersion,I come on your sight with hope and you give with out a dought i small window of hope when all of mine taken away.you give a little boost to me when the resource that are suppost to be here for me are not.

when I tell you that you have a golden opertuinity let me take you back to when I was a kid,where did you go and hang out.I went to arcades and pumped quarters into vidio games oh hell ya come on who didn't those owners man they made alot money but they faded away.

Do see where I am going with this do you know how many dimes I pumped into your games but I know the problem gambling yes I'am very awhere of it, really is that all thats stoping you.because I have hundreds of ways to control that. Do you honestly think I want to go to a bar and drink I am an idoit when I drunk and i get a hang over for three days after,no thanks do you think I going to go bar and be told again and again how ugly I am no thanks so what do i do at a bar stare at a TV spend four time the price for pop,coffee or water no thanks WIAT cause what i would do is go to a bar and play on you sight,YES I dont have to drink and if no one talk to me it's ok I am occupied and I would be in public making something like this happen do you know how many job you would make how many lives you would change and not only that how much money you would make it already here it just has to be homed.

There is no stoping it going to happen it a sport is it.I was always good at sports combat I train and in the end I got nothing at least with this sport I have chance to get something besides brain damage.

Everybody on your sight will agree with what I'am saying and I want to be a part of it when it happens.                                                         RoyalPainC