Alright now I have hid my hands gone wild for the first few game ok I keeping track now game five I dont want nothing but finnal tables I will keep it updated and like I said if I succeed part of my goal is to put this sight on every corner and I thinking I have ways to approch this idea, not only that but to make it welcome and exknolege by all right now you can watch poker on the TV and the sight so its known but it could be huge right now but what happens if it gets reconized for saving the ecodamey it would be the next big thing like hockey to Canada Iam ready to dig for you Poker Stars on the same token I need to be able to hold my own in here I see people reading my blogs you know who I am, help me get to the top so I can do the walk I talk my next blog I going to try to explain how this market can save our ecodimey or at least it is an idea that is possiblity and in return reply to my blogs If you have played me at a table in the past and I made some dumb mistake tell me help my game so I can get billions of more people on this sight because look at Vagas billion of people take trips out there just for their casino and poker stars is Vagas on the computer is it not alright.

Well I do think there are angle that have not been approched for this sight and when they do get looked at Poker Stars better be ready for the volume because your sight will be flooded with people.