This is for me if i can write it out i know that I have understood and then I wii go over the lesson then read my blog if they match i know that i have absorbed the information if you are happening to be reading this and noticed that i have wrote something wrong please let me know it help thanks.

 The game holdem; The dealer button is position normally the person whom flips the first ace at the table,then the person sitting to the left of the button put in a small blind which is half of a minimum of the table betting size,them the person on the left of small bet will put in the regular bet size now the cards can be dealt starting with the small blind the dealer will deal a card to everybody and go around the table twice dealing each player two were ready for action the first person whom will act first is called under the gun(UTG) he sit left to the big blind.

The person UTG has the first decicion to make:

Do they play their cards ,or fold them over a line or put chips over the line

How much money are they going to invest into the pot if they wanna stay it is a minimun of a large blind to stay in the hand.

then the decicion is moved to the next player until it has reached the small blind if he want to stay he will match the inventment to stay then the last person is the big blind to whom check only if the blind was not rasied.

Once this this has happen then one cards is flip down and three cards are flip up. 

Then a decicion is put on the small blind he was the first person to money into the pot,and they have the first choice to defend the money they invest or to let their cards go and go around the table to whom has cards.(bet,raise,or fold)

Then a card is placed face down then one flip call the turn again strarting from small blind and working the way around table  third oppertunity bet,raise or fold is applied.

then one more card face down and one card up called the river and again a finnal oppertunity to bet raise or fold and the person whom displays the best hand win the pot.