Can I do it,well let me tell you the odds my first words on here playing holdem is like life it tells you the people I looked back on my hands and I played them poorly yes it was true I wasnt getting the cards but to be a card played you can blame the tools it how they are used.

By now it should be clear that I strugle with dislexia I wasn't born with it, and at the age of 11 I escaped from what caused it but it wasn't something that I could fix so I learn to play my cards,and most find me weak sounds like table talk doesn't it.dealing with cards in life playing weak sounds like holdem to me,but all my life I have been laught at taken advantage of,but yet i still post my blog knowing that most people will look at my blog and laught at me and like I heard before like that stuipid well I don't need to say anymore we all know the words.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: I have a dream and it not a greed for fame or money as a matter of fact my dream is for others anybody whom knows me knows I give the shirt of my back yet I know when I walk many people that I have done for would call a sucker but it is my nature so where do the cards fit in. Well knowing all that I have told you I need to be stronger putting pressure on the ones whom will take advantage of me just like in poker and forsing decision on those whom laugh.Is this straight out of the poker book.

A small veiw of the dream if I won a wpt the money would go to a shop (building) where people whom want to start a business this shop would help build the tools and equipment needed to help them succeed but in return they would put a small % back in so the next person can have an optertunity and the shop will always be there can it would not be a pofittable shop that not what I would design it for I use to want one myself I was getting close but I just didn't have the money or means to buy the equipment and there was no way I would be able to afford a shop to start one so if there was something like that my life would be a liitle different and to provide that for some one to do that well there alot more to it and I alway think about everyday on how to make it to benifit people from the business they wanna start to people they would serve it would be like it use to be where costumers are first not pockets.

Poker is going to help by learning poker I learn how to be stronge and play the cards I get and win with them and I have been dealt bad hands long enought and I think it time I learnt how to play them.  and for those whom wanna laugh at it ok cause as you can see I won't profit by success but you could be some one whom might if i do why would that be stupid or funny in that manner.