Well poker is a certain way,I am finding if i go off the path of playing proper I lose and if  I play my cards right I win, now I have been playing open handed meaning if you go to the replay you can see every play i make what types of hands I fold and how I play my hand,so if I go off the path you can see the mistake I have made if I beat you then you can look back for another way to play the hand out for different resaults. 


I have tried to play different cards but not out of position and I have made lots of mistakes, but I did play one tight aggerasive style and made it to the bubble of a finnal table playing my hands open I need to play other cards if I going to win I am learning I don't want to wreck my stats to much  thought I'am not starting to recording them yet, I haven't been able to play striaght yet I have got caught every attemp and I am working on it. anyway got to go.Oh ya I saw someone they got tick off of a fish and I told them just like I am telling you know the game is to catch them and there are really good player and they do catch and it quite fun trying to catch them you have to have patients I watch his chip go up and then down like a yo-yo but sooner or later that yo-yo going to runs out of string lol

I remember a hand he jumped big time on my blind I had ace king suit and someone went all in now noramally it was and instant call but in order to catch I didn't want to put all eggs in one basket so I really thought the guy whom went all in had would have dented his so I chose to make a disiplain fold incase he luck out that way if he did I would still have a reserve stack but did you the had shittier hand then loose lucky player and got knock out and I did have the winning hand and I still think it was good to let the winning go it was unforunatly when i thought I knew the table and the donkey a huge stack and making 500 bet into 30 pots every hand and hitting everytime I needed all the players it was the only way or at less that was what I was thinking .Have fun