Well todays run, wow! I tell you, it was like the fast lane learn or burn I saw so much today, and if I was able to add it into my game I will defently be able to make the pro's and possibly big time tourney's.


So you wanna be a pro ok here is something we will all go through, man i can't tell you how much pressure I am feeling but I can tell you it is do-able ok all of you yes rookies hear what I am saying cause I tell you ask the teachers I do not know my mathamatic I am not a card reader but, I can tell you if a hand has the capiblity to beat mine and a few slip throught like those odd straights.  I would have the best hand the nuts and I was put to the test  call to a raise when I knew i had the winning hand I thinking ok i got do you lol, Then have top pair more then likly the best hand and i was pushed,and pushed to I started calling and find out ya i did lol

 I was only starting with strarter hands I am still not vering off to much but now the hands I couldn't call with were hitting the board when I try to play them it was a total miss i couldn't get the flop , wow so if I could just catch those hand look out  but how do you do that lol thats the trick,with viewing lesson taken loses and playing different (hand selection) omha is the best game to learn that why you have 4 cards only 2 are playable that means higher hands odds come into play so by learning omha you will improve your  holdem game 

When you want to build your game or you are on a losing streak start from the biginning aggain I am, but I'am not quit ready yet but I did say Jan 31 Iam going to start my game ready or not starting by only playing top pp cards untill I am blinded out, why to teach me to wait for my hands I am in it for the long run and I need ace's to get cracked on me king to get dominate and jacks and queens to lose and I will play that until i am comfortable with it. Then it will be all pocket pairs and agian I will do it untill at least I learn one or two things then I will start in with my starter hands i been doing that now Iam still go throught the processes WHY is this inportant well for exsample strated hands when you are in a hands and you are playing starter hands players see that so for me i notice when the board hit high I could semi bluff because players know i been playing start hands so they put me on top cards 3/4 of the time they were right i normally had the winning hand  but if you run into trouble start back at the beginning. I have alot to absorb so i got go if you read this tell yes you aggree on not and why it might help others just like we been helped