I had a run of good luck,and because of my skill it came to an end,What I did notice is that I had half  of the skill I would made A large tourny finnal table. Well back to books tomorrow.

Stomping the table: It was term I used it was a betting prosess I throw in no matter the cards because I keep doing then fold  most of the time I would be down 1/4 of my stack and by the time i had a good hand I would have alot caller I normally make three to six time my stack I would keep betting hands it committed people to the hands it also made people make with bad hand looking to  hit the flop on and got them into hand to which they would have fold and one at the would have a hand and soon the table would filtered down I made a seven man take down by stomping the table. It like fishing you cast out to a fishing hole over and over they my not bit cause their hungry they are just pissed or terriorialy.right 

Only because i didn't know how to deal with high blinds, so that through a wrench in my game,and I didn't avoid larger stacks,and I found my game going down.But by betting and hidding behind better hand know where the stacks I was step ahead and waited to lead into a monster down the road I dont know if it makes scence but it worked. 

Then you have your old school style of player they like k-2 and play all two cards these player brake up there two in the high low they look to hit the king in the high deck this left a wide selection and hard to idenitfy their cards but you know if a king hit chances are they had it.

The solider style were those whom played aces any ace and they played them hard when the ace hit bail cause they have you, 

Those were the style there is a little more to them but I can quite explain clearly 

Well I thinking you all seen styes before it not new news but when it all came together it worked.

Well I had won a bank roll and almost wiped it all out cause I didnt do it properly I won then I got on the high of winning and i played and keep playing almost wipe it out I will not do that again so the next time I do get a win I be sure to control it cause i should know better by know ok till next time.

I was really hoping to explain this amazing style to give back but I guess they have always been around         anyway thanks for reading              RoyalpianC