Ok i don't have much time today, I have now only been playing 90% of my hands right from the book .

I been having to make hard decisision like never before I have been getting frustrated like no tomorrow but I tring to stay on track before I swade of into my playing frist I learn the rules to tee then I can start opening up my playing this I know so I play 90% to the book 5% is my blinds and the other 5% is I made a mistake and went off track.

I had three to four styles before I will write them down as soon as I get a chance I don't have time but alot of people us to play them.

1 was call the soilder style

2 was called old school style.

3rd one of my favoites called Stompimg the table.

This gave me an advantage I used this and it had won me a lot of games and I got alot of reads now it might sound goofy but when I tell them U will see a lot of plays you reconized and you will know some play you could reconized before and why plays were made at a table it work for just so you know I have another character in called Raisingal or RaisingAl70 one of the two now you will know everything in here about me and I am an honest good hearted person.

So if you see some Orthadoxed playing you too will know a style behind it.lol and the reason for this is because your helping me.

It did give reads and I have placed in 100 tourey large ones it was too bad i didn't know the proper playing at that time or else I would have really done well.

Thought I have misintuprted poker for a long time because of those styles I thought I knew how to play and I did think I was really good boy was I so wrong follow my blog 

To those teaching the proper my hat go off I just can't say it enough times.  because U truly are mentors and I will alway respect you   and   thank you  all it clearly shows the Poker is a game of respect and skill and all the teachers prove that point      So stay tune i got to go for now 

                                                                                                                RoyalpainC     Alan