I try to write everyday,because I am getting trainning now and at the least i do is try and show my apperiation,I am so glad this on line school is here I have been playing for ten years,but I haven't won yes the odd turney's here and there i really like the turney that's what I really like to play, So i ask myself ok what are my stats the answer i really don't know,well how about the tool like stat finders or you thoses tool and I don't know i get asked betting ranges would you beleive it if I said I don't know thats right I don't I make ok bets sometime but turly it just from doing it lots and the odd hint here and there how can I say I play poker or say i am ok poker player?


The truth is I am not even classified as a beginner player in here I am trying to become good,but it s not all bad for because i been making plays, I even get reading sometimes,it still leaves me in the vote that i am a bad play and thats why I here.

I have to start all over again and this time i don't want to let the teachers down i want to be good maybe a pro if i can to the teach i really thank you and i hope i don't let you down to all my old poker buddies well it is going to be different this time around,i will hit the lesson hard and over and over and over again the next time i at the tables I just might have a chance. 

Well at least i will know what i am doing,

I do write free in here so please let me know if i speak out of term, I just want to make sure that if i ever do exceed well I want you guys to know how low I start from and what you have acomplished because I know the how terriable i play and I shouldn't even say i have been playing for ten years.

I promise i am going to give it my all I have. and like I alway done all my life pay it forword.  thank you Poker Stars 

                                                                           RoyalpainC        Alan.h