I have now been playing a stronge game sticking to position playing solid hands I feel the strength yes if your in a hand with me yes I'am holding something good,how ever by playing stronge hands it seem like I forgot how to play my margin able hands from entering the hand to betting it I took a tight aggression playing style from the bet to position all the way to the player at the end of the day and the beggin of my style I not getting to close to the finnal table however I also not being river as much,

thought I did play one to three hands pre game that were margin able per turney i got caught almost every time most on my margin able hands were on my blinds looking like i was defending them. my old style playing yes i won quite a few tourney, but it always came to an end where as now i see this style a beginning without the end I just have won yet lol.

Every time I start developing a style I always start with taking a few turny an only play preimion hands untill I am blind out teaches me paition though i haven't done that yet I am wiating to figure out how to play margin abe hands then i will see if I am ready to start my style. when i am ready I will start by play only preimion till i blind out and start recording my stats. I want to be ready by Feb 1st 


this posting only to update where I stand.     thank for reading    RoyalpianC