Those whom are following my blog I trying to tell a story like one you have never heard before I am not going to mention my past I was dealt bad cards,So I spent my life tring to take out those cards from the deck so no one would ever get the same hand I was dealt,however I have already made changes in millions of lives at cost that I couldn't afford and I bearly scratched the surface.


Staying on topic lets start my poker career at pokerstars I was play poker only six month before going on the sight and like normal I was at a disavantage I did not know how to set up my account I played three quarters of my play not mucking my cards so every hand I played all you had to do was look at the hand prior at the replay and you could see what and how I was playing I couldn't bluff but I didn't know my cards were being shown right after the hand.I still don't know if they are or if i have set my sight up to muck my cards so no one can see a bluff I hoping it is but it hard to tell cause I always see the hand i folded that puts any card player is at a disavanage I think I set up my account proper but I am still not sure.

Last night I took a chance and wow I realized a few things first of all I sucked at poker and a few thoughts went through my mind at frist it was so far no one has helped me in this game but they always gave me hope that I would win and because of the river I belevied them.but when I hit the tables last night I realized the true game when I had people on both sides of me playing position like i never seen it before large stack comitting me to my hand I had to have a perfect game or really be lucky and well lets just say I am back at the ten cent games to rethink my plays with only a few dollars left I can go to the tables and apply what i saw and I am hoping that I can become a true poker player .

Last off anybody whom might be at a table with me I hope understands sometimes I get like hellmouth I don't mean to but the frustation just sometime overwhelms me,though I am will never say anything mean about someone I do wine a little but I been playing for years and alway lost  most people would just give up but I truly beleive I will make to a finnal table PCA or PTA but to get there I know I need to win my way there and I am willing to do that.

wish me luck I need it if you looking for me I will be at the ten cent turny giving all i got lol 

AlanH   have fun