This goes out to everybody; poker to me is not just cards,it repersents whom you are and the type of person you have become in life and I have seen it in every card player.That's why though I dont win often I can make exstreamly awsome plays.


I always wanted to make a differents and I have taken an oath and placed it on my back,and done my  best to withhold it.but all it ever did was take away my spirit,my dignity,and made me broke.I deicated my life to helping others and in return all I ask was to pay it forward help and the next person.This is my nature and I wish I could change it but I can't no matter how hard I try.

I thought If I won the lottory the world would see my differents I could make and they would, but we all know those odds,so If I was  finnally able to learn how to play poker not only would I be able to help people I could get back the thing I have lost and also it would teach me advance play that will stop bluffs witch I could apply to those whom wanted to take advantage of my generoisity.

Right now I am a terrible poker player I know the rules of the game and Iam  pretty good at position, I am also good at plays and I'am pretty good at knowing what to expect from my apponite,but what i don't know is bank rolling,summing up my odds quickly knowning my odds well there is alot for me to learn.

My goal to reach by 2014 is to win tourney's my in goal is to continue helping people by setting things in place to give to people a chance to help themselves because we need it more then we ever did in today society just like my poker i need all the help i can feel free to give me any advice or help cause i need it and would apperecated it thanks        


     Well today I put a little money in that i did not have to but I thought foresure i win a tourey boy was i wrong I just learnt how shitty i really was but i got chance to learn the pressure put on me I saw poker like never before I realize the game I ran into so many callanges ect but the true of it all was i am a bad player I broke all the rules and I paid the piper, the main reason for liking poker was because not the but out smarting my opponent now it a matter of to me lol                                                                                                 Alan.H