Usa players are out........:roll:   I get no rewards for 1752 points.....:roll: all this aside, Sorry to hear about over half of pokerstars players being ousted. I wish Pokerstars and pso could come up with a better solution.

 Thank you to all that made pso what it is.:-D

Okay i met alot of great people, Learned patience, and my game has improved. I will take what I learned and run with it. This is a big poker world there are other opportunities.:!:

Good Luck to the non usa players. Not your fault. Take advantage of this. To those form the Usa like me, go play live, join other sites, keep your game tight. This is not the end of poker................8)

This is the beginning of the goverment taxing it and making it legal, Which will allow everyone to play everywhere.............:-D