:-| Out of 1312 i got 572nd place. I see this is about 43 percent. This will most likely mean negative points. I guess I will go back to super tight playing. At first I played tight, I called with jj hit a set on flop won 440. I limped with kq hit a queen. I got up to about 2200. Now I limped with aj of clubs. The flop was q57 two clubs. One guy bet 400 other I called other guy pushed for 600 more. The other guy called. They were all in I was not but chips cut in half. One guy had 555 other guy q10. No clubs came. From then on two rag aces I coulda called and won but folded and eventually was blinded out.

I guess you could say that this was an experiment as well. If this was my first tourney. I sure played like it was. I put half my chips in on the nut flush draw. Brilliant if it hits. Stupid because it didnt. Would you do the same? I guess I shoulda folded Aj of clubs next time preflop. That way after the board ran out I would say wow I missed and good fold.:-|

Well next tourney I will try to achieve better. Hell I could have done better folding everyhand. I may very well learn from this common mistake and get better. This is tounament poker not a cash game, I have to tell myself a draw is nothing. This was probably a waste of a tournament. It probably erased my earlier tournament points.:

Gl at the next one. I hope I learned something.:-?