Well isnt this wonderfull:roll: . I wonder what I'm gonna do with my $5.00. Should I blow it all on one tourney? should I go to micro tables and dream?  Should I request a cashout to almost buy a large big mac meal at Mcdonald's:?:  These questions are all valid. Seeing that I beat 14 thousand other people and 200 or 300 beat me I guess its fair. :roll:

      So lets do the math. Lets forget about the 3 or 4 dollars winnings from pso daily tourneys.:-| Now I played a total of almost 100 torneys in pso. I guess 100 tourneys divided by $5.00=$.05 cents a tourney. :-|

      I guess there is 2 ways to look at this. 1: "I got $.05 a tourney for free:!: " or 2: "I spent this much time and effort to make 5 dollars:!: "

      I am open to ideas on how to make more than 5 dollars next month.:lol:   Should I play less? Should i never go all in early in a tounament toavoid alot of negative points? Should I email support a request to never have my AA or KK beat?:lol:

      All in all I love the good players compettion.:wink: I love the free money:wink: . Ultimately the league is a good thing. I hope that all others can see the leaderboard and league as an opportunity to learn and build your bankroll. It is not just a once or twice freeroll lol. Well at least I am in the money I hope to slaughter this next month. At least slaughter the 5 bucks or so I made this month. I should have stopped at 1852 points on march 17th.

      But the glass is half full I might play 2 more tourneys today the 230pm and the 7 pm and skip the 5pm. Mbye I can luckily get to 15 dollars lol. Good luck to all and have fun!!!!!8)