We all start with 1500 points. In the highest point I was in the 1860's. At the lowest  point I dipped into the 1600's. I believe that was directly in line with me losing my bankroll. The after I gave myself a tilting pity party I have climbed back up to 1795.:-|

      PSO is tough. People can say what they want. What makes it tough is when your ranked higher you get less points. I believe that is one of the reasons it is called a skill league.:mrgreen:

      March 28th, 2011 I played 5 of the 6 PSO tourneys. Why did I play so many? I wanted to get my points back up or bust out of the leaderboard completely. I was not happy with the 3 dollar monthly prize I was going to get. I wanted to be back in the top 100, top 50, even top 9 where I was earlier in the month.:-?

      Here are the stats for yesterday  3/28/2011. From early tournament to last tournament skipping the 5pm tourney due to dinner. 57th for 31.68 points, 722 for -13.1 points, 693rd for-11.54 points, 28th for 33.62 points, and 3rd for 45.98 points.8)

3 more days to go!!!!8-O