I will bring it today.:!: I will try to go deep in the 7 am 10 am and the 12 pm pso's.8) I am trying to get some more points together each day before the end f the month. I saw that there is a one cent turbo going on today cool. That is the first time I've seen that.  Good job pokerstars. 2k gauranteed too. Well mabye if I earn a penny early I can get into that one.

      I want to have my big hand hold up today so I got my coffee, I got my lucky hat, and I'm gonna listen to some music to get in the mood. Now in the words of the boxing and mma announcer Bruce Buffer: "It's Time" Lol anyway I guess the coffee is kickig in. Good luck to all who play today. And watch out. When I go all in today it will be with a monster.8-O