I dont even know where to start...:roll: My frustrations have reached their peak....I might have to block all chat put on headphones. To hear someone even speak after a suckout make me sick. I might actually just wait for aces every tourney. I'll just lag out everytime besides when i get aces or kings. Just to have them cracked? I don't know why I take it so serious its just a game right?

      This is just ridiculous! I must have bad karma. The poker gods must be laughing at me right now. Evertime I got the cards in purely dominating, I get unlucky. Actually unlucky does not describe my poker run lately. I would say utter and pure on purpose no on accident donkings, outdraws, 1 outers, 2 outers, 3 outers, hands that should've been mucked preflop...... don't know if I can take these beats anymore. So I start playing looser because I cant win with a dominating hand so now I try to donk others? what is wrong with my poker discipline?

I think I am playing too much taking it too seriously. I can't even say nh. I don't even believe it was. I can't even fake it. I guess I am gonna go beat up a puching bag now and wonder why 12k ranks get rewarded and I continue to backslide.