The field was 1161 players. 117 places paid. I placed 425th:roll: . 425/1161=.366 or approximately 37 percent. This will be a negative points result for me. Seeing as I need to be in the top 20 perecent.

      As far as hands go, nothing too exciting pp's or anything. Although I do believe I ran into some situations I could have mabye avoided or played. I had about 1500 chips about 45 minutes in, I flat called with qj off suit 2 other callers behind. One had 910 off suit the other 78 of hearts. The flop was j104with two hearts:-D . I bet 300 on the flop and 2 callers. 8 on the turn. I bet 300 and 2 callers again. 8 on the river. I bet 300 again. guy raised 35 to 335, the 910 guy calls and i call.The 78 of hearts guy gets 888:roll: . I asked if I push all in on the flop would he call? yes, He had a flush draw he said:roll: . So I guess that one I couldnt avoid except folding jq offsuit next time preflop. Which I may very well do:-| .

      After being cripled I played extremely tight to try to avoid going negative points. One of the hands I folded was 22. Two people went all in right in front of me and figured I was beat. I only had 215 and the blinds were 100-200. flop was 722:!: . I would have flopped quads. I woulda had mabye 800-900 chips at that point. I continued to fold bad hands untill pushed all in on the bb with about 40 left. I had 59 off. Two other players flopped pairs and I was out in 425th place:-x .

      Now I have to figure out if in the 12pm pacific tourney I get no hands, Do I loosen up and play bad cards? or do I stick to my time grind and wait to flop sets and top pair etc..... Well I think I'll wait and be patient and hope to get positive points in the 12pm pacific time tourney. I will update that one next.....:wink: