Well I got back in the grinding groove:mrgreen: . I am slowed down now, and calm:wink: . I was able to stretch my chips with no double ups to 182nd:roll: . The total field was 868. 90 places were paid. The math looks to be 182 divided by 868 = .209. That is about 21 percent of the total field. My last rank was 245 of 13258. My last points was 1770.56. I believe this placing will either give me zero points or -1 or +1:-? . Either way of course the ultimate goal is to reach the money every single tournament.
      However placing below 200 and trying to get in the top 20 percent is a good way to progress. In this tournament, I never had a big pocket pair, or anything to really talk about. I was eventually forced all in as the blinds took me with 67 of hearts. I dont even remember getting ace high at all late in the tourney.:!: I think with the hands dealt, I did not make any bad plays, I was just card dead.
      I do like the way my play is getting back on track. I believe taking time to make notes on each person at the table is helping. Putting down their rank, hands they play, color coding them, and just observing how fast people play tells alot about people. I guess this is the closest thing to an online read one can get:-| .
      Also I believe being friendly at the table is very important.  I have gone off in the past when eliminated by a bad hand:-x . I am trying not to do that. Part of achieving that is just taking a deep breath:roll: . If I am eliminated I will say nh and gg8) .
      This is my strategy from now on. I will keep a daily blog of how this is working out for me. Ty all for taking the time to read. 8)