What a giant rollercoaster ride! 

      If you have ever looked  at how many points you get per tourney, 12 negative tourneys in a row is alot! To those who  keep an eye on the ups and downs of players, I was 9th at one time on the leaderboard, 24th, 50's, 100's 200's and 300's. From having a chance at over 100 dollars, to barely mabye getting a chance at 5 dollars on the leaderboard.
      Finally after 12 long and short pso tourneys in a row, all being negative points, I changed my game. After having a couple of conversations at the tables with some well known good ranking players, you know who you are, I decided to try to get off tilt and get back on track.
      In order to get back on track I had to figure out what I was doing wrong. What I figured out is that after losing my bankroll, I stopped caring. I went in with good hands and bad. I let people win coin flips early in pso tourneys, qq vs ak etc.... I raised with marginal hands out of position against non top players. I protected my bb out of frustration when people raised. I also stopped controlling my timebank and played really fast. i convinced myself people were bluffing when they were not.  In other words I went on tilt for a longer period of time than usual.
      Today I was able to get in the money for the first time in a couple days. I know that may not seem like alot, but when you play alot, a few days or 12 pso's is a lifetime.Todayin the 20 pm pso, I got some chips together then almost lost them all, rebuilt and then made sure to play slow till in the money at 144. Then I made it a little longer, and played more aggressive after the bubble to make it to 77th place. I will try to continue my positive points in the future. It feels so good to just make positive points again.
      I hope I can reclaim a higher position on the leaderboard. I know I can reach final tables. I know I can run deep. I have done all this before. The question is can I do it again? Bankroll is gone. Time to rebuild. I am sure I am not the only one in the world this has happened to. Now what I do from here is what matters now. Positivity.