Well my 1010 didnt hold up against aj . The player that got me was a really nice player though!!!:lol: I will continue to try despite another negative blow. It kinda feels like Im in a video game called Street Fighter and half of my buttons dont work so I can't win:-x . Well that was the 12pm pso tourney. I think I will try the 230 om tourney.... My luck has to change sooner or later right? Well I figure mabye I can get one positive tourney today. Hey By league structure if I drop below 1500, I might get positive points for 400th right:mrgreen: ? Pretty sad that I think that way but even when i get 200's and 300's I got -1 point lol. Alright I am going to take the advice of a very nice player and try to stay positive. Good luck to all and I really hope to repor some positive tournaments soon.