I have never went negative in so many tournaments in a row. I had to step back and examine my play. I saw that since my banroll went down. I stopped stalling. I also did push with qq jj aa kk even 1010. yes I did reraise with those hands preflop. Lost to many different hands. Last tourney was at 10 am pacific time i had qq and 1300, blinds were 50-100 folded almost everyhad before this. I raise to 300 guy with 6 k pushed all in. I had him noted before as an absolute maniac. I decided he was on a weak hand so i pushed . The guy had a2 offsuit. Now I thought great there is no way pokerstars (random) dealing will give him an ace and reward his terrible play because karma will come my way..... He knows hes beat. Rank in the 12,000's after 50 plus games!!!!! Regaurdless of karma, odds, knowing hes beat etc.... An ace still comes down!!!!!!!!! I am eliminated early again. I like my odds qq vs a2 offsuit. Was it a bad play? I don't think so. He had been raising all the time I had been folding for 30 minutes!!!!!!! Okay I guess I need to go back to what got me ranked #9 at one point that playing like a freaking chicken. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!