Hi. I write this because of my great dissapointment about this game. 


When I knew nothing but recognising the strongest hands, I played much better then now when I passed Basic quiz. 

When I play tight on tournaments, other players eat me allive. Many of them go all in with Q6, and I wait fold KK if A comes on the flop. It is said in that course to play supertight in early stage of the tournament. Guess what, I did. And loose all the time. Guys beat my AKs with pair of 55. He goes all in and I knew he had weak card and I had monster. I lost because 5 came on turn. I have so much unluck that I'm going to leave this type of playing and start all ins from beginning with cards of category 6 and above...In my 200hands I got only 4-5 monster hands and lost at least 75% of  these hands. I loose anyway but in loose game I will at least play something. This way I don't play and still loose because waiting for monster is in my experience wrong type of playing. 

Best regards.