Well, it was wonderful going to the WSOP for sooo long. My first one since 2004, finally played the Main Event. It was quite a rush. So exciting to see a tournament with such a large buy-in, that is not populated almost entirely by famous people. The turnout just amazes me considering there were typically only 600-700 entrants for the 10K event when I went to my first few WSOPS in the last millenium. Was wonderful meeting all the Pokerstars playersin person that I have played so much volume with over the years. Six events played is a personal record. Quite proud about making 3 Day 2's and the PLO8 final table of course http://www.pokerstarsblog.com/wsop/2010/wsop-diary-day-29-roxy24-aka-mandy-thoma-070868.html In case you guys missed it...ROXY24 outlasted Phil Hellmuth despite the fact that he had about 5 times as many chips when the final table began. Sometimes it's OK to brag....yes? However....there's no place like home. It's so great to be back to my old routine. Loving being back home playing on Pokerstars for several reasons a few of which are: Everyone here loves me. It was more of a love/hate mix at the series. No poker players laugh out loud at me in my living room. You can't get barred for life for using any sort of drugs. When I win, the IRS doesn't instatax 30% for being Canadian. Best wishes and best of luck at the tables!! Love, ROXY