This WSOP thing has been fun. Really fun. First time I've made it out since 2004. Events were a rollercoaster ride for roxy thus far. Played 1500 PLO first but for only 35 minutes heehee. Darn nuts with a redraw lost and ds aces too. Ladies event did I make the dinner break? Who cares. Coupla satellites fun but my usual 3rd or 4th. Try one more event PLOmaha8or better and final table the thing. Nice. Ty to my cheering section. Miracles. Phil Hellmuth came 7th in this thing and roxy 6th. Congrats to Steve who won. Also serious congratulations to all the Vanessas that have been tearing up the pokerworld! Have been playing quite a variety of games this WSOP. Cash game action is phenomenal. Wow, the choices. Loving the 5-5 PLO with the Mississippi button straddle and no max buy-in! The big O game is interesting. This game is 5-10 5 card pot-limit omaha eight or better also with optional straddle. Met some fun girls in the 15-30 mixed mostly draw game. Thanks for the help on the AceDuecy Badeucy type games ladies. At least I get what wins the pot now. best 2345 type Badugi splits the pot with best 2-7 hand in Baduecy. AceDuecy best A234 type badugi splits pot with best A-5 lowball type hand. Anyone confused? Well..that's poker. Really was great meeting all the pokerstars players and putting faces and personalities to screennames. Good times 4 sure. roxy