I have been playing a lot of buy in's lately in NL holdem. and my word, ive never been so steamed, like constantly steamed like a train. Someone coming along for the ride, and hitting the river for there lower kicker or gutshot. People dont seem to know how to fold, and i thought the freerolls were bad, this is worse. Although ive chewed through my bankroll this week, ive managed to get a few satellite tickets as a consolation prize. And have picked up a SCOOP ticket atleast.

Only a few more WBCOOP events remain, and had enough tickets to enter all the remaining events. Quite optimistic of me. so good luck everyone in the final few events. and i wish even more good luck to myself because the run ive had lately, ive going to need every bit of luck I can get

Ive been able to link some hands that i have played to twitter, but i was wondering how i am able to add them here?