Got the WBCOOP tickets....but out of the 12 events so far have only played one...and it was a complete flop for me. doesnt help it being a non NZ friendly time but cant complain, free tickets.

Hopefully the next WBCOOP event ive registered in (event 13) will be a bit more of a success, however it will be a long shot, why? because right now is a not a good time, in terms of bad beats, its quite frustrating to put it nicely....having someone fold an obvious split pot (fullhouse on the board and was checked all the way), then the very next hand they limp call my queens with J9 and they hit two pair -_-

its like i get an open ender...doesnt hit (well within the last 100hands) and someones gut shot always hits when i have the better hand till the river.

I would tolerate it a lot more if it was in a freeroll, but this is a buy in satellite. If i had the chips behind me then it would be different as with a deep stack I could then sit back and wait to pounce on these fish. However that hasnt been the case so have been at there mercy. Might just spend a day playing freerolls so my bankroll doesnt take to big of a hit from this.


feel a tad bit better now after writing about it