To be honest I dont have a 'best moment' on Pokerstars......YET. Im still relatively new here having only joined up in April 2012, played for a couple of months and didnt play again online for 6months give or take a few days. Dont get me wrong, I loved playing online and still do, was just that my laptop got stolen so didnt have the same access to play. And when on a Desktop I was more inclined to play the FPS games


 But now I'm back, as of january this year. I have been playing poker for 1 3/4 years....I was green as they came, waltzed into the local casino (only has one poker table by the way, such a disgrace) and thought I could walk away with $$$$$ but i didnt. nor did I for awhile, didnt loose anything, didnt win anything...or much of either. On the very first night (this was all before I had even watched a youtube video, or played online, let alone watched on ESPN or the likes) I was lucky enough to sit next to a very nice gentleman. He could tell I was green, so gave me a few pointers inbetween hands, and advised me to play the pub circuit. it wasnt til 5months later I went and played at one of the pub poker talk about being out of your depth. I had barely learnt to play cash games let alone pub poker....not that I understood all the reasoning behind what the other players or I were doing at the cash game table. And so the learning began again..... 

Long story short, it wasnt till playing pub poker and hearing a few converstations, that I came to learn of the likes of Pokerstars (not sucking up or anything, but its pretty much the only PokerSite that anyone talks about unless its a educated comment about the imfamous black friday). So I looked into it more and saw the freerolls (not to be cheap, but so I could play and learn at no risk) thus decided to join up + everyone talked about it so it must be good (word of mouth - priceless advertising)...and i potted around playing freerolls, even entering (thanks to some optimism) badugi, stud, omaha and not having a clue what was going on. Then found pokerschoolonline and saw links, one thing lead to another....theory and practical....and I started to actually properly learn and understand the game of poker ... learnt the lingo, and all the intrinsic little details that make the game more complex than just a 'game of cards'. within weeks I saw progress in the pub scene, and felt comfortable in what I was doing and how I was playing at the casino instead of just playing robotically and not understanding what im doing. This steep learning curve I think was largely down to two things, the PSO community, and the number of hands that I can play a day.

So for me, 'my best moment on pokerstars' up to this point in time was joining pokerstars just under a year ago was the best thing I have done for the development of myself as a poker player. (again not sucking up, its the absolute truth) as if i hadnt then id be months behind in terms of my understanding of the game etc. And now when people speak of pro's such as phil helmuth, negranhu etc, I actually know of whom they are talking about instead of giving them a perplexed look


Note; I just got my "best moment on pokerstars" (so far) in NZ there is a promotion running for the poker show 'The Big Game'. And there is a weekly leaderboard, 3rd place winning $80 as of monday 4th March....super happy! have myself a startup bank and can now buy in to tournaments !!!