I dont know about the rest of the world. But here in New Zealand we are lucky enough to get to watch free-to-air, the PokerStars.net The Big Game.

In addition to this, on the regional section of the pokerstars tourny lobby we have an equivilant. which I must say is f***ing AWESOME! 3x a night its run for an hour each time. starting chips of 100,000. blinds are 200/400. with a 100ante. And if you survive the onslaught for the entire duration of 60minutes then depending on your chip stack in correlation to everyone else that is still in, you are awarded points which then goes onto a weekly leaderboard.

Well a couple of the reason why I think its so AWESOME! is as follows;
- 100,000 chips to play with
- Can watch on tv how the PRO's play with that kind of chip stack
- unlike other Pokerstar Tournies, this is just for NZ players and so theres only like 300 people per game.
- 100,000 chips to play with. YES I am repeating this again, however, yes you can "afford" to play more loosely, but you also have the ROOM to try out new playing styles, tricks n tips that you have learnt in live games from other players, watching the pros on tv, and/or put into practice what you have learnt here on poker school. Its much easier to try and calculate the odds when you have 1min in the Time Bank and 100,000 chips if it doesnt work. Unlike trying it with 1,500 and on a TURBO table!

Having said that. The past game that I played it was a table of 6, I knocked one out, another came to the table however 4 of them were 'sitting out'.....It was more or less 1v1. HE (well guess it was he from the name and pic) couldnt get a read on me all night. Was toying with him soooo badly. Sure he got some good calls on the odd occassion. But although I was playing loosely it worked in my favour as Id raise or call or check erratically. So when I hit a two pair and raised....He started to call and follow me to a showdown, where I would win . I did this for the entire hour of the game. And yes I ended with higher chip stack. Although I got him to call looser, they drew at going all-in

SO whats that seemingly pointless story about except for giving POKERSTARS some WICKED FREE MARKETING :-P . Well RULE OF THUMB says that when at a table with a player who is playing loose, use this to your advantage when you are playing tight, so that you can reap the rewards from when they call into your strong hand. A misconception that can arise here is that having a loose player at your table is a good thing as you can win his chips alot easierly. HOWEVER! This way of playing can lead you to trapping yourself. And causing you to come off second best. Just like when BIGSTACK its a easy tendency to start seeing more flops.....and then very soon you will find yourself SHORTSTACK. The same goes with playing a loose player. Keep your wits about YOU! Just because they are playing loose doesnt mean you have to call them every round.

I find loose players much more of a BURDEN than a BLESSING. Its harder to put a read on them, CAN and WILL easily run your monster hand over and love when others are sucked along for the ride because they are TRYING too hard to take the loose players chippies..... The best way to play them, is to forget about there chip stack. Play with extreme caution, if the cards dont feel right, or you dont think that they will atleast hit a two pair then FOLD. This is where being able to see a flop and hitting the flop is crucial, and two pairs are GOLD!! But for me, I goto the table  to see as many flops as I can. I am the loose player, although the tighest loose player you will ever come across, but I like to play my chips. However when it comes to the crunch time eg, Final table or bubble etc then I fold like its going out of fashion! Dont get me wrong I do play some cards (otherwise I would get blinded out) but only monsters or "nice looking" hole cards, and if there isnt a raise....sooo I can raise or see the flop for CHEAP

On many occassions; Taking a loose players chip stack is not as easy as taking candy from a baby

*Add your comments on how you play against loose players