Dear Diary......This is my first post . I have been on PokerStars hmmm actively for around 2months playing a couple of freerolls. Nothing tooo serious as it was all so new to me. Pot limit, Limit, Omaha etc....All i've ever played is NL Hold'em.

I have recently learnt a whole new world of poker. Before November 2011 I had heard of and maybe watched a finger full of world series events on tv (ESPN) but if you passed names like Doyle Brunson during any conversation (please dont harm me :-P ) I would have gave you a WTF look. Now I have a much greater respect for such players.

My poker journey is somewhat different to most in the wee humble country of NEW ZEALAND!...apart from playing a few fun games of poker at university whilst consuming X number of beverages and playing a ZYNGA poker games on facebook, I really had ZERO poker experience at all. And starting hand combinations etc really had no value to me....The confidence of my youth got the most of me, with this blasphemy of a poker record as my CV, I decided (Since I was now old enough to enter a casino) that I shall see what its like playing poker at the casino. Well was I like a fish out of water, did not have a clue what I was doing.

Luckily I had one gentleman to the left of me and he helped me out with a few tips. And although I would have looked like a tasty target with what everyone would have seen as FREE money stacked in front of me. I came out even. Rattled. But not at a loss. Sure a few months I was up and down. But learning....Till I became unemployed...So I looked up some pub poker venues as one of the tips, the first and only time I saw that gentleman, given to me was to learn the trade at some pub poker games.

I had just gotten the hang of playing cash games and although was nicknamed 'Mr Patience' I was becoming like a frog, still acting like a fish out of water, but I could breathe. And now the world of FREEROLL.....WOW I was back to being a fish. Floundering about. Even my chip skills werent hot either, could only do one trick which is like twirling one on top of the other in your hand, kind of like juggling. But It was BASIC and unlike the people who played at the casino....these people had been playing the pub poker circuit and home cashies for YEARS! Although I wasnt a total flop. I have made it too two out of two season finals. Although no spectacular result yet, I can carry myself well. The only thing I like about freeroll is that its free :-P so if you come up against someone who calls your raise on a deuce and a 5 and you loose out to his straight on the flop then its not a big deal. And now with Pokerstars, as all the players seem to play online poker (sooo I guess its a must these days) , I can learn and tweek the way I play, and then transfer it to the live game.

The best advice that gentleman gave me was to play pub poker, you learn so much, and develop friendships....Turn up enough times and you get invited to cashies, either because your not too good at poker, or because your good company :-P . My Poker CV is alot better than it was nearly a year ago when I first walked into the Casino. Not many accolades just yet. But its early days. I am the youngest, if not one of the youngest going around the pub poker circuit so still a newbie. BUT NOT A NOOB ANYMORE :-P . Ive become more "amphibious".


If I was to walk into the casino now, I would be confident that I would make money, I can read the game better. Although Ive heard the rumor that poker is about the hands that you FOLD, not the hands that you PLAY. I for one, although hold the nickname "mr patience", am not a fan of folding. Even if it is 9 deuce or 7 deuce. I seem to fold when those type of card hit, and play KING TEN or an even stronger starting hand and loose :/. SUCH ARE THE WONDERS OF POKER.

No game is ever the same. No hand is ever the same. And everyone plays the game differently.